10. Juni 2005-Kino International 8 p.m., Karl Marx Allee 33, Berlin Mitte

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1 a.m. -DJ Sprinkles a.k.a. Terre Thaemlitz



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For the past two and a half years we've been conducting research with different 'subcultural' communities. Beginning from our own experiences with self-organized spaces we wanted to go beyond our specific contexts in order to discuss the political potentials and limitations of groups with various international artists and theorists.
Despite the specificity of various contexts, a family of similar questions concerning political action seems to connect these individuals; questions that do not refer to representative political dogmatisms.
-Tara Herbst and Nicolas Siepen


Video: Interviews (35 min.)
Excerpts from Video-interviews with: Darius James, Bruce La Bruce, Sue Golding /Johnny de Philo, Terre Thaemlitz, Bubu de la Madeleine, Akira the Hustler, Teodora Tabacki, Kazumi Kanemaki, Bojana Cvejic and Christan Grazi


Tara Herbst/ Teodora Tabacki* Performance 'Gossip' (10 min.)

An outline of possibilities that Assembly International may inspire. We are interested in forming temporary communities that are not based on representative identities. How does one apply an ethics to practical politics? Is it actually possible to be critical and at the same time go beyond moral judgement? How is it possible to represent the unrepresentable?


Nicolas Siepen ‘One congress less’ *lecture/film (15 min)

Instead of opening main contradictions again in order to play Marxism off micro politics, it would be better to examine the interaction of the two. Festival for young politics (Project P) versus extracts from the Group Dziga Vertov (analog-digital Patina)


Video: Interview with Beatriz Preciado (25 min.)

'At the moment I am interested in the micro-politics of the cells, precisely going into what is not visible. I am working on hormones, substances, drugs, really looking at the micro level of things, and dealing with the difference between one milligram and one and a half milligram, because I am quite distressed and anxious by the ordinary way the politics of subjects is working right now, that is my way to look for another space of the political.'


Johnny de Philo/Sue Golding

Live-Installation 'Inflamed Poetics and the Mathematical Sublime (or how I learned to
remember -- and love -- the dark)' (30 min.)
Inflamed Poetics and the Mathematical Sublime sets out to re-stage the inter-/intra- connectedness of memory, imagination, and terrorism. Amongst other things, it sets the stage for the production of a wholly different set of logics, aesthetics and ethics, we might wish to call 'poetics', though quite a long way away from Aristotle and his disciples.


Kazumi Kanemaki

Film- Foolosophy ~an excuse for being lazy~ (9 min.)
Foolosophy means philosophy for fools. For a better today, better tomorrow. I want to propose the concept of 'Foolosophy' for anyone who plans to practice philosophy in the real world. 'Foolosophy' is a friendly sister friend of philosophy.


Bubu de la Madeleine Performances 'Sentimentality or a tragedy show for the era of Aids' (5 min.)

I am just drinking milk. Our generation still knows the taste of body fluids.


Azza El Hassan *Performance 'The Featherman' (15 min.)

For the past two years, I have been researching events in which Palestinians or Israelis actually looked at each other. The more I searched into the matter the more I discovered the value of the gaze in determining the power of relationship that exists between the two sides.


Ayana Jackson and Marco Villalobos (11 min.)

Film/Performance 'El Negro Mas Chulo: African by Legacy,Mexican by Birth'
'Mas Chulo' is Jackson and Villalobos's ongoing work in sound vision. Ameditation on common struggle, a celebration of diversity, and acontemplation on the origins of modern maroonage.
Mas Chulo frames history and urgency in the here and now.


Terre Thaemlitz a.k.a. DJ Sprinkles (Comatonse Recordings, Japan)
Perfomance 'Trans-Sister Radio' and Film 'Interstices' (30 min.)

Thaemlitz will perform a monologue from "Trans-Sister Radio" an 'electro-acoustic radio drama' on the theme of transgendered travel and migration, followed by a special screening of "Interstices," Thaemlitz' acclaimed video investigating the gaps between gender identities and sexual identities.


Bubu de la Madeleine

Performances 'Loving you' (5 min.) A construction worker is singing about love.


Stefan Pente and William Wheeler *Performance/Film Chandrakali (13 min.)

In what space and with which tools can one discuss the desire for violence contained by the idea of self-defense against hate-violence? Performance by Stefan Pente and William Wheeler with film excerpts from "Chandrakali" by William Wheeler.


Veronika Gerhard

Film "The Impossible Possible or What's Love Got To Do With It" (5 min.)
"The Impossible Possible or What's Love Got To Do With It," takes a look at the interrelations of individual and collective agency and the necessity for determined action.


Ashis Mahapatra- composer/noise musician (true-false records)
Film/Live concert (15 min.)

Ashis Mahapatra will create an audio-visual experience that stimulates the autonomic nervous system through film, performing a live concert to accompany the screening.


Bubu de la Madeleine (5 min.) Special Surprise Performance


Film 'Diamond Hour' (extracts) *A no-budget movie by D.K. Uragi 1994 (35 min.)
Starring Ms. Glorias/ Teiji Furuhashi (Dump Type)

Director D.K. Uragi, along with a tight-knit community of Teiji's closest friends made this documentary on the life of Teiji`s Drag persona; Ms. Glorias, who is HIV-positive, shortly before Furuhashi's death.


DJ Sprinkles' spins a special version of "DEEPERAMA"

"DEEPERAMA" blend of deep house, breaks and classics. Featuring tracks from the forthcoming album K-S.H.E (Kami-Sakunobe House Explosion)